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Dial-Up, Seller Door EP Release at Hexagon Bar in MPLS

This was last week, but here’s what you missed

Yoleus (CD-release), Arctic Universe, Buildings, Falcon Arrow Sat., September 25, 9:00pm at the Hexagon in MPLS

Ahhh, a night of music, oddities and PBR. The first 50 people to buy the Yoleus new compact discus will recieve a coupon heretofore good for one free tallboy the night of the show. So show up, buy a CD, give the guys some gas money and watch some great rock and roll. Here’s a […]

Another Pabst Story outside of the Hexagon in MPLS

Anti-Civ Record Release Partys this weekend

Anti-Civ Records is a nonprofit, collectively owned & run label based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA) since 2006. Come celebrate the release of two new albums. For the first 48 people each night to buy a CD, they will recieve a PBR Tall Boy Free of charge, just don’t forget to tip.