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FLORIDA GET FLORIDA GET READY FOR BASEL CASTLE Dec. 4th 9 pm – 5 am!! in Miami, @ the Overthrow Castle (41 NW 20th Street), Find details below.

COME ONE! COME ALL! You are invited to a spectacle of bazaar proportions as PBR, OVERTHROW & ABV GALLERY open our gates for the first ever BASEL CASTLE! Taking place in one of the most unique and unlikely venues in Miami, the Overthrow Castle (41 NW 20th Street) Basel Castle is a medieval manor smack […]

Blood * Guts * PBR * October 22nd 2010 * Tampa FL * Czar!

St. Persersburg, FL Full Frontal Pool Party 6.19.10 @ FUBAR

This event was pretty crazy. It started of as a sorta middle finger from one side of the street to the other, and ended being an all day pool party with 8 bands and crazy water activities. See the snapshots below for a more visual description. wowzers.

Next week…. Orlando and Tampa PBR Shows!

So next week Orlando and Tampa have some good events… Check’em! Will’s Pub 1040 North Mills Avenue Orlando, FL 32803 (407) 898-5070 New World Brewery 1313 East 8th Avenue Tampa, FL 33605-3611 (813) 248-4969