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Boston DIY Superstar: Grillo’s Pickles

Grillo’s Pickles: The first feature in our ongoing series showcasing American DIY’ers who have made a name for themselves in the business world. Grillo’s Pickles is a Boston based company specializing in crafting, (in our opinion), the best damn pickles America has to offer. Using his grandfather’s secret recipe Grillo’s Pickles founder Travis Grillo has […]

It’s a Workshop Field Trip!!!

Needless to say, we’re completely psyched to be involved in Workshop’s upcoming (and FIRST) Field Trip. A school bus? A gaggle of cute creative types? A ton of PBR? Check, check, and hell-to-the-yes check. Here’s a Q & A that Workshop had (with themselves) regarding the evenings activities: How many local DIY peeps does it […]

Taking the Emo Out of Chemo: A Cancer Fun-Rager

This Friday, Feb. 26  come out and join the fun ass SF D.I.Y. community for the cause of helping its matriarch, Kelly Malone, of Workshop SF, to alleviate a stack of bills left from her battle and subsequent conquering of ovarian cancer. Come out and shake yer booty and peruse some of The City’s best […]