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Fresh Produce Five Year Anniversary w/ Dam Funk + Knife + Tommee + Evaredy (BOSTON)

Fresh Produce, our infamous monthly hip hop/reggae/party jam shit-show turns 5 years old this July!!!! To celebrate, we are throwing an EPIC two-part bash on Saturdays July 23 and 30th. Special guests for July 23 include west coast artist Dam Funk (Stones Throw Records) and local powerhouse DJ Evaredy, plus Fresh Produce founding and resident […]

Dam Funk x PBR Great Scott Show Poster

Colorway 1. Purple Rain Variant Colorway 2. Detail. ” Dam Funk’s music sounds like a combination of Stevie Wonder jamming to a Public Enemy song, but somehow sexier.  I combined the look of old-jazz records with the sampled imagery of old burlesque shows. ” – Eric Nyfeller of Doe-Eyed Design. Two Editions of 25 – […]

Dam Funk + DJ Kon + The Bladerunners (& More) @ Great Scott – 3.7.10

… Early Warning 3.7.10 @ Great Scott – Allston MA