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PBR Movie Night @MotorCo. It’s strange world and we’ve got strange photos to share @PBR_USA @PBR_NC #BlueVelvet

Last week, PBR teamed up with Motor Co Music Hall in downtown Durham to a host a free screening of David Lynch’s 1986 cult classic, Blue Velvet.

Motor Co. offered $1 PBR pints all night long and projected the film in their main room. Over fifty folks raised their pint glasses to Dennis Hopper upon hearing the famous line, “Heinekin, Fuck that shit, Pabst Blue Ribbon.” It was a great night…indeed.

There was a free PBR Polaroid Photobooth in honor of one of the main character’s, Frank Booth, complete with over-sized movie quotes and Dennis Hopper Head-Ka-Bobs.

There was free popcorn for everyone but you had to be careful because there were a few fake severed ears hidden at the bottom. Those lucky enough to discover a bloody ear were awarded fabulous Pabst Blue Ribbon paraphanelia.

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