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Ben Roosevelt “The Blue Flame” opening over the weekend @Getthisgallery March 17th 2012 @PBR_USA

Ben Roosevelt

The Blue Flame

March 17 – April 28, 2012

 Opening reception: Saturday, March 17, 7-10pm

Artist talk: Saturday, April 21, 12-1pm

The Blue Flame is Ben Roosevelt’s 2nd solo show with Get This! Gallery, this time using an immersive installation to turn his practice on its head, looking at the same time in to the past and in to the future to ask where things can go from here. Connecting the radical impulse of the origins of punk music to the urges of the Romantics and the trials of Dante as he wrote his medieval epic poem The Divine Comedy, Roosevelt places us in a seedy roadside bar known as The Blue Flame. The Flame exits in myth, somewhere between the stories of legendary performances at the Rock and Roll Farm of Wayne, Michigan and Twin Peaks’ Bang Bang Bar. Using drawing and sculpture to draw us in to the world of the Flame, Roosevelt asks if this is the place youthful dreams go to die, or where new dreams are born?

— For the past hour, all that’s been put on the juke is Iggy, over and over he keeps screaming.

 I got nothing

I got nothing to say.

 Everyone’s heard the one about the end of the road, but where does the road begin? It’s like everyone stumbled on this cul-de-sac and just assumed it was a full stop, not a launching pad or a slingshot. Me, I got nothing to say, but I still come here to talk. The celebration of emptiness and being bored, it’s a scene itself over sixty years old, and here we are still trying to dream up new words, new excitement over everything that pops up. The guy on the other side of the bar’s bawling, saying Kelley’s suicide was him saying, admitting that maybe the screams, howls and jagged cuts of amp feedback were hollow. We all got stuck somewhere, but that’s where you stay when things are happening. But in here, it’s like something’s always happening, even if it is the shredding of a dream. As the regulars say. You never step in the same flame twice. —

sponsored by Pabst Brewing Company


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