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Boston Facial Hair Fiasco


TallBoy is holding a beard and mustache competition at Church
This event will include tons of beards, PBR, Jim Beam and rock and roll.

… Times are subject to change but this is how I’d like it to go:
Full Beard Natural Final
Full Beard Groomed Final
Freestyle Moustache Final
Freestyle Beard Final
Partial Beard Final
Fake Beard Final
11:30-12:30 Township
Full Beard Natural Preliminaries
Full Beard Groomed Preliminaries
10:15-10:50 Black Helicopter
Freestyle Moustache Preliminaries
Freestyle Beard Preliminaries
9:00-9:45 Coyote Kolb
Partial Beard Preliminaries
Fake Beard Preliminaries
this should all start around 8:30

after each preliminary round the judges will choose 3 finalists to compete in the finals after the music

Hosted by PB and Bobby Brewski who is flying in from Milwaukee just for this event.
Judges will be:
Sandy Poirier of SHAG Rock Star Hair
Bert Mayer III of the Boston Beard Bureau
Carmen O’Connor of Bodega Girls

This event is $10

$15 for competitors:

It’s fucking beard season.

This event is brought to you by TallBoy, Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer,, the Boston Phoenix, SHAG Rock Star Hair, Boston Beard Bureau, Beard Team USA, Bean Snowboards

This event WILL sell out so I encourage everyone who really wants to attend to buy tickets as soon as they are available.


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