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Metal Moustache Night at Nomad MPLS, November 19 doors at 9pm $6

Come on down and throw up some horns for the men who grow the moustaches. Proceeds from the door will go to Benefit the Nomad Movember team. PBR Tallboys will be the special of the night and you can drink to better prostate health and bigger soup strainers.

Headliners Nightosaur will blind you with their shirtless wizard riffs, while Rat Catcher tries to kill you with blazing solos and sarcasm. Shakin’ Babies and Part Mammal round out the bill.

Bring your holey jeans, shirts, jean shirts, backpacks, fanny packs, goat leash or whatever’s not too dirty down to the show and The Peeber Seamster Kelly Linder will be on hand with his pink sewing machine to put free PBR patches all over it or bring down that patch that’s been sitting in your drawer for years. Just don’t be cheap, leave him a good tip.

If that’s not worth $6, you should just stay home and restring your acoustic guitar or something. Because we will be raging.

Sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon

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