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Fall for Cinema at Yes.Oui.Si. Gallery 10/12


19 Vancouver Street, Boston, MA 02115
Public Transit : Green Line T to the Museum of Fine Arts
Look left and you will see us!
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“the charming, the offensive, the strange…”

Don’t miss the second installment of Simon and Ryan’s FALL FOR CINEMA!

This Wednesday, at Yes.Oui.Si., come gather around friends and art to watch Buster Keaton in the zany slapstick masterpiece that is “Sherlock, Jr.,” along with the epochal Italian shock-umentary, “Mondo Cane.”

One of Keaton’s earliest and most-loved films, “Sherlock, Jr.” sends our hero on a surreal journey, as a hapless projectionist happens to climb onto the silver screen and into the world of movies where where hilarity ensues amidst missing pearls, beautiful women and exploding billiards balls.

In the early sixties, “Mondo Cane” ushered in a new era of strange in cinema. The film takes a droll, anthropological eye to customs and rituals around the globe. From the brutally primitive to the most gaudy bourgeoisie, the film points its sardonic lens at various cultures’ hypocrisies and superstitions, from Italian religious ceremonies of self-flagellation to the dancing and drumming of a Micronesian pork fest. Travel across the world on giggly jump cuts between the rich, mourning ladies of a Beverly Hills pet cemetery to the open air markets of Peking, where beloved Fido is about to be somebody’s lunch.

And THERE’S MORE! Your handsome hosts Simon Hanes and Ryan Krause will offer some extra tasty morsels on the big screen throughout the night. Expect a healthy dose of animated preludes, psychedelic interludes, gyrating postludes, and other ocular delights.

You fell for us the first time, now get ready to fall even harder for the sequel this Wednesday. And to keep “falling for cinema” all season.

8:15 PM Sherlock, Jr. (1924)
9:15 PM Mondo Cane (1962)


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