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Kiss Me Deftly, new paintings by Michael Delgado Sept 29 at Engine in MPLS

KISS ME DEFTLY, New Paintings by Michael Delgado
Thursday, Sept. 29, 2011
91 10 Street S.
MPLS, MN 55403

Full Bar, PBR, Music, Pretty People and Pretty Good Paintings are a great night out. Drop in to check out the art, knock back a tall boy and enjoy the night!

Michael Delgado makes paintings inspired by pulp fiction covers and 60′s era movie posters. Delgado references a host of painting styles from the time period, specifically California based painters. The paintings are comprised in a series of panels, often not designed from inception to be arranged in a particular way, but rather “mixed and matched” after Delgado feels there are enough panels from which to assemble several paintings.

Delgado received a BFA from the University of Southern California and was an art writer for The LA Weekly as well as the Editor of the Journal, the quarterlypublication of the Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art.

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