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Blue Velvet Night @BarbaryCoast THIS Thursday (9/22) in Wilmington, NC

THIS IS IT… BLUE VELVET NIGHT at the BARBARY COAST – This Thursday Sept 22nd 7:00 until…
We’d like to invite all of the Blue Velvet fans to come join us. We’re going to start collecting and archiving your Blue Velvet stories. If you’ve got one, come tell us, if not, have a PBR. Throw a bill in a bucket for us if you can, if not, have another PBR. We’ve invited a few folks to come and play a little music at around 10:30. 116 S Front St, Wilmington NC

For more info, check out the article “Iconic ‘Blue Velvet’ turns 25; Barbary Coast starts celebrations” at Star News Online.”

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