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Colorado PBR Art Shows.


The posters are finalized. The Call to Artist‘s is set. All systems go on this years installment of the PBR art shows for Colorado. This is the first time we will be hosting PBRart shows outside of Denver. Fort Collins and Boulder will each be having their own installments!

For many of you who have submitted art in the past, this year is no different. For those of you who have not submitted PBR-inspired art into past shows, check out The Colorado Call to Artists for a complete rundown and the newly revamped to submit your art and to see past art entries.

It’s easy, just show up with your PBR-inspired art, ready to hang, to any of the 3 Colorado shows. Before (or after) you swing down, just go to, fill out the form with a photo of your piece, and click “submit.” This will enter you into the 2012 National Contest.

In addition, the person with the art piece we like best (decided by vote) at each art show will Win Their height in beer.

Please check out the participating venues:

Larimer Lounge
Luscious Nectar
Sundown Saloon

Sweet posters huh! They were designed by Andrew Hoffman.

Here is an example of a mural that was painted in Denver recently involving 4 Colorado artists and their art submissions from last year’s art show.

Denver artists involved in the mural:

Mike Graves

Keenan Hock


Sam Turner

Here is a pic of Boulder native Josh Holland’s piece on a wall in Phoenix


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