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FREE: Diggup Tapes Show Series / Surprise One Year Birthday Party @ KING’S BARCADE – Raleigh, NC

The new Kings has been open for one year now and our friends at Diggup Tapes have put together an awesome birthday party for us! Featuring Heads on Sticks, Deleted Scenes, ArnHao, Netherfriends, Brian Corum (Lonnie Walker Solo Set), and DJ’s Shawn Kemp & Penname! FREE!

Made FREE by our sponsors:
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Show starts early! DOORS at 8pm, SHOW at 9pm sharp with Brian Corum kicking it off. There will be BIRTHDAY CAKE!


H E A D S O N S T I C K S (Raleigh; GripTapes)
There are many musicians riding the wave of psychedelia these days. But most seem caught in the net of authenticity, trying to reproduce a sound that has already been, whether stylistically or through the recording process. Others take the approach of genre mating and bending, blending their influences with more modern sounds or a danceable driving force behind it. There will always be a difference between just doing something and doing something well. With so much music at our disposal now, “well” requires more than just a proficiency for songwriting – it needs to be new, better, different in order to stand out. Heads on Sticks is the modern psychedelic experience that has ripped itself from the mold, broken it, and left a sticky trail to a place most have yet to tread.

Originally conceived as the catchall for the home audio experiments of David Mueller (Birds of Avalon), Heads on Sticks may have been born in a bedroom, but it has grown too large to contain. It has crystalized over the past several years, both live and in the studio, into it’s own peculiar beast. Fastening ambient sound and rough-hewn samples to gluey bass lines and loping grooves, Heads on Sticks is new-fashioned kaleidoscopic music that serves heavy beat and obtuse melody in equal measure. And despite the glistening ooze that drips off it, Heads on Sticks remains remarkably spotless.

Meet us on the other side, we’re already there.

Heads on Sticks – Lady’s in the Lake:

New EP out this week at

D E L E T E D S C E N ES (Washington DC; Sockets Records)
Deleted Scenes, a four-piece band from DC, released its first self-entitled EP in 2007, twelve years after meeting in grade school. In 2009, the band released a full-length, Birdseed Shirt, which was recorded mostly in group houses across the east coast over the course of a year with producer L. Skell (the Rude Staircase). It was met with critical acclaim from Pitchfork, which praised its “thoughtful existentialism and strange, drowsy downers” (8.0 score), and NPR, which called it “playfully unpredictable and totally infectious.”

The band is currently on tour to support the first single from Young People’s Church of the Air, “Bedbedbedbedbed,” with a four-song, 12” EP released July 5, 2011, on Sockets Records.

Deleted Scenes is Daniel Scheuerman (guitar, vocals), Matt Dowling (bass, keyboard), Dominic Campanaro (guitar, keyboards, samples), and Brian Hospital (drums). They have shared the stage with Cursive, Wild Nothing, Abe Vigoda, Black Kids, The Antlers, Medications, Akron/Family, Matt and Kim, and others. They have played SXSW, CMJ, and Pop Montreal.

Deleted Scenes Links:

A R N H A O (Chapel Hill/Atlanta; Denmark Records)
ArnHao (Andrew Hamlet + Arturo “Trizz” Holmes) take listeners into a celestial wonderland of emotive circumstance. Treasure-filled caverns, warm igloos, feigning temptresses, and flying bicycles abound. Featuring shimmering synthesizers, pulsing bass and stargazing falsettos, ArnHao articulate universal manifestations of psychological dilemma. Check out their recent releases at

ArnHao links:

N E T H E R F R I E N D S (Chicago; Lateral/Cellar Hits)
Netherfriends are that bastard-psych-pop-catchy as hell one-man band that you’ve been searching for. After performing at last year’s Pitchfork music Festival, Netherfriends (AKA Shawn Rosenblatt) a freshly minted college graduate of music composition, set out on a year long project to write and record a song and perform in all 50 states.

Lonnie Walker played a house show in Burlington last week in front of 4 people with Netherfriends and he killed it we asked him to come back to NC to play this show the next day and he agreed…DONT MISS IT!

Netherfriends Links:

Solo performance by B R I A N D A V I D C O R U M of Lonnie Walker (Raleigh; DiggUp Tapes). This is how it all started for Lonnie Walker, just BDC and a guitar. Don’t miss it! He goes on at 9pm sharp!

DJ’s Shawn Kemp and Penname (Raleigh; DiggUp Tapes). Nathan Price of NAPS, Nests and DiggUp Tapes and Greg Lowenhagen, founder of Hopscotch, spin a party DJ set to end the night!

DiggUp Tapes Show Series is a free monthly party at Kings Barcade thanks to donations from our sponsors. PLEASE SUPPORT THE SPONSORS! (contact if you are interested in sponsoring next month’s event)

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