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RED WHITE & BLUE, A PBR ART COMPETITION: At Jacks Pizza August 27th 2011 @ABVatl @PBR_USA



Rules are simple.

Using only Red, white and Blue spray paint, you will get a section of fence to paint at Jacks Pizza.

Spray Can’s will be provided to Artist ASAP at JACK’S PIZZA once registration is completed.

You have one week to complete your work. All work must be completed by August 27th at Sunrise.

You must be 21+ to participate.

Your work will be judged on originality, skill, and creativity. We strongly encourage artist to theme the work after the iconic PBR logo but you are not limited to that design.

One winner will get a large wall Public (TBA) and prize of $200
2nd place will get $100
3rd place will get $50

Jacks Pizza reserves the right to buff any work that is to offensive for the business.

Sign up, you will get a section of wall as space allows. WE WILL CONTACT YOU.

YOUR NAME and information will not be shared with any other parties. Your identity will be kept private.

SPACE IS LIMITED if we don’t contact you, stay tuned we might expand the event if needed.





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