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Check this Newmerica video out – Elmyr Pharma Ad – Featuring Brent Hinds of Mastodon @PBR_USA

The Approach form

At the end of Euclid Avenue, straddling the invisible line between stately Inman Park and the freakier Little Five Points, lives a little watering hole that—to members of both camps—might well be considered a home extension. Appreciated by lunch patrons for its bold taco specials, happy hour enthusiasts for its tequila best sipped in the sun shower streaming through stained-glass, and beloved by late-night closers for the DJ’s last grab-bag track before Sunday bleeds into another work week, Elmyr’s a place anyone can get down. But let’s be clear by “anyone.” Anyone shant be ruffled by fisherman who prefer hip-hop, or metal enjoyed on a patio bedecked with herbs and original art. Anyone should be a risk taker, open to the possibility of a Pad Thai burrito, washed down with a Diablo cocktail. In short, Anyone must chase the unexpected. After months of engaging Elmyr fans on facebook, Newmerica collaborated with Elmyr’s owners to create a video ad no one could predict: A parody of mind-numbing pharmaceutical commercials, Brent Hinds of Mastadon plays an addled victim of overwhelming hunger pangs (or OHP) and only Elmyr can cure him. With his life back on track, he can once again play par for the course, run free with Red Dog, enjoy outings with young children in the park, find solace in yogic contortions, and reel 100-pound saltwater fish out of manmade urban ponds. Thanks, Elmyr!

April 2011

Pabst Blue Ribbon is also a cure for OHP, so we fully indorse this message.  Please check out EL MYR



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