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New York Night Train’s Soul Clap & Dance-Off @ King’s Barcade – Wednesday, May 18

Get down all night long to the exciting and exquisite 1960s soul 45s of the globe-trotting New York DJ: MR. JONATHAN TOUBIN!

For two straight years New York Night Train’s Soul Clap and Dance-Off has reigned as North America’s most popular soul party by far; playing to more people in more places and generating more capital than any of its contemporaries. The concept is simple – all night dancing to wild 45s of subterranean maximum rock and soul DJ Mr. Jonathan Toubin and, in the middle, a $100 dance contest judged by a panel of local celebrities.

Local judges include…
Victor from Raleigh Denim
Heather Yandow from Beehive Collective
Nicci O’Brian from Moonlight Pizza
Tripp from Denmark Records
Q aka Dj Pancakes
Kaci Torres from PBR
Trent Bowles & Michele Cochrane, Raleigh’s Sonny and Che
Luke Buchanan – Artist, Poole’s Diner

and special guest DJ MIDNIGHT COWBOY!

“New York’s best soul party” – Rozalia Jovanovic, Flavorpill New York

“New York Night Train Soul Clap Dance-Offs showcase the raw and wild soul ‘n’ roll that connects the r ‘n’ b shouters of the ’50s and the hard-ass funk freaks of the ’70s.” – OC Weekly

“Of all the songs one might play to get a party started, it’s hard to imagine that a tune about a creature called the “Monkey Dog” would do the trick. But to the hundreds of people squeezed inside Williamsburg’s Glasslands Gallery on a recent Saturday night for the monthly Soul Clap party, this obscure track was perfect, igniting the room in a frenzy of jerky moves, some of which might actually have been arcane 1960s dance moves like “the Monkey” or “the Dog.” – The Wall Street Journal

Download or stream Mr. Jonathan Toubin’s soul mix for FREE here:

Party starts around 9:30pm. Only $5 at the door! Best dancer wins $100!

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