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Friday the 13th: BLAST Dance Party @ The Station

What are the haps my friends?

The Stagger – in association with Pabst Blue Ribbon and Blast by Colt45 – is gonna turn your luck around this Friday, May 13th @ The Station in Carrboro. We’ve got some acts lined up you won’t wanna miss, so put on your dancin’ shoes and join us under the stars this Friday night.

THIS SHIT IS TOTALLY FREE YA’LL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s what we’ve got in store for you.


Combining traditional DJ techniques with live percussion, up-and-coming electro artists Double Dare have crafted a style that allows them to have as much fun (if not more) as their audience. Their energy is infectious, and they’ll be filming their set for inclusion in an upcoming music video. Get ready to shake it!

MECANIKILLl? (10:30pm)

Mecanikill? has spent the last year carving out a niche as the triangle’s go-to guy for indu
strial soundscapes. He’s been playing almost non-stop in recent months; fans of Nine Inch Nails and Rob Zombie rejoice.

Welcome back! It’s been a few years since DJ Planecrash graced the triangle with his 4-speed turntables. His inimitable sound draws from a broad range of disparate influences, including The Cure, Dolly Parton, and videos of his cat (?!)… It’s impossible to say what he’ll be bringing to the (turn)table this time around; expect the unexpected.

The workhorse for the night, DJ Petey Green will be spinning the best in hip-hop, house, techno, reggae, and dubstep to keep the party moving all night long between sets. You can also catch his set every first Friday @ The Station.
**Come out and try the newest most delicious malt beverage to hit the market, BLAST by Colt 45. Warning: Very tasty and very potent.

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