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PBaRt Revival in Raleigh NC: Photos from The 2nd Annual PBaRt Show @Designbox

Art Exhibit. Bands. Beer. DJs. Acrobats. Aerial Fashion Show. Fire Dancers. Photo Booth. Food Truck. FREE…That is what you missed if you weren’t at the 2nd Annual PBaRt Show v2.0 last Friday.

This was the line-up for Friday night:
6pm Denmark Records DJs: Casanova Brown, Zaiah &Holygrailers
6:30 Live Art by Artie Barksdale and Victor Knight
7pm Brett Harris
7:30 Raleigh Denim Aerial Fashion Show
8pm Crystal Bright & the Silver Hands
8:30 AcroEntertainment
9pm Skullbuckle
9:30 Phoenix Rising Fire Show
10pm Denmark Records DJs: Casanova Brown, Zaiah &Holygrailers
11pm Official After-parties @
King’s Barcade: Twin Tigers + Minor Stars + Lilac Shadows = $8
The Union: Graffiti & break-dancing with Sean Kernick FREE

A uniquely Raleigh event, the 2nd annual First Friday “PBaRt Show v2.0” took place at Designbox Gallery on May 6, 2011 from 6pm-11pm and somehow managed to be even more exciting than the 2010 inaugural art show. All artwork was priced $25, $50, $75 or $100 for anyone’s collection. The PBaRt exhibit included limited edition PBR themed originals by Raleigh’s biggest names. Over 2,000 friends gathered for an evening with live music, acrobatic entertainment, f
ire performances, free pics from the photo booth, food-truck food and an exclusive aerial fashion show! The event was, as always, FREE; however, over $900 was raised on behalf of the Visual Art Exchange [501(c)3] and circusSPARK.

Artwork was curated by local celebrity pop-artist Paul Friedrich who also created the event’s “PBR and the Unicorn You Rode in on” poster art. Participating artists included: Holly Aiken, Greg Clayton, Mark Elmore, Eric Knisley, Andrew Goldfarb, Adam Peele, David Rose, Bart Cusick, Artie Barksdale, Victor Knight, Deneé Black, Gus Fink, Emi Boz, Anna Taylor, Skillet Gilmore and Paul Friedrich.

High flying fashion met circus couture with the debut of Raleigh Denim’s new line of woman’s jeans when Raleigh Denim teamed up with AcroEntertainment to present an exclusive Aerial Fashion Show. Acrobatic trapeze artist, Kaci Torres, says she was, “excited to wear the workshop’s newest line while hanging upside down because you could see the quality at every angle.” According to
Raleigh Denim
co-founder, Victor Lytvinenko, “these new jeans are made for karate kicks and looking good.” AcroEntertainment also performed along with the circusSPARK troupe to showcase the North Carolina’s hottest fire dancers.

One of the best part’s was the non-stop music with live performances by Brett Harris (Durham), Crystal Bright & the Silver Hands (Greensboro) and Skullbuckle (Raleigh). Denmark Records opened and closed the event with their label’s hottest DJs: Casanova Brown, Zaiah &Holygrailers.

Thanks to local community for supporting this great Raleigh event:

The Independent (covering the 2010 inaugural event)



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