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Chopped Liver/Prize Fighter Cutlery Film Screening @ KCDC Skateshop tonite in Brooklyn!

Come out to the premier for the film titled ‘Chopped Liver’. The screening will be April 16 (tonite) at KCDC Skateshop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Prize Fighter Cutlery is a skateboard wheel and soft goods brand largely connected with the underground north east skateboard scene and internationally in Japan & France. We are well connected to KCDC Skateshop with whom we share some team riders and have co-sponsored some of their events in the past. There has been a large buzz about this film for the last few months. It’s roughly been a year in the making and was shot exclusively in high definition video, a format not widely touched on in the skateboard industry thus far. It’s set apart from the normal trick after trick videos by adding a non linear lifestyle element to it. The creators of the video work in the film and television industry setting a higher standard to the content.

Some of the skateboarders involved in the film carry themselves past skateboarding and are exhibited artists, downtown writers/photographers for publications such as Vice, underground film makers and indie musicians.

You can check out the most recent trailer and other films on their Vimeo page here:

and the website:

Of course there will be complimentary Pabst Blue Ribbon- but donations will be collected for Red Cross Japan, so bring some cash for a good cause!

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