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Saturday 4.16.11 PBR Columbus Clippers Opening Day Pah-tay!

Join PBR and a couple thousand of your new best pals at Betty’s Bar (435 W. Nationwide Blvd.) this Saturday from 1-4PM for some serious Columbus Clippers’ Opening Day pre-party action! We’ll have a couple of super-fun bands, some food specials, prizes and of course, cold PBR real cheap-like! Also, you can win tix to the ballgame if you’re extra lucky!

1:00PM: We crack open our first PBR of the day!
1:30PM: The Washington Beach Bums
2:45PM: Swimsuit Edition
4:05PM: First Pitch – Opening Day – Columbus Clippers – Huntington Park
7:30PM: We high-five, awkwardly hug and clumsily go our separate ways

Betty’s Bar is located one block from Huntington Park and has a HUGE parking lot, so come early, park for the game, party with us, and then we’ll all walk over to the game together like a big crazy PBR zombie outbreak!



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