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@dads_garage BaconFest PBRs! Bands! BACON!! Sat. 3-26-2011 From 1 pm -6 pm in ATL. @PBR_USA


Saturday, March 26th @ 1pm


Portioned Porking: $25 online, $35 phone & door
Bottomless Bacon: $50 online, $60 phone & door
Still not enough swine? Go Whole Hog!: $100 online, $110 phone and door


This indoor/outdoor festival is an unbridled bash filled to the brim with the 3 B’s: BEER. BANDS. BACON.

We’ll grease up the day at 1pm on Saturday, March 26th and go full boar until 6pm that evening with four awesome local bands, hilarious booths (like Hobo Wine Tasting and Dr. Boobies) manned by the best improvisers in the city, and troughs upon troughs of cold beer and sizzlin’ bacon. We’ll also have all sorts of awesome entertainment (like eating contests and improv games) as well as a succulent silent auction, and even a slow smoked whole hog for those of you that want to put in a little extra to really pig out.

We’ll have more delicious details to fill your little pot bellies up with soon, but since we sold out last year, we figured we’d give everyone a shot to get in on the hot pork-on-pork action early this year. Don’t get stuck on the wrong side of the pen this year!


Portioned Porking ($25 online, $35 phone/door): For the average Joe that’s new to the bacon guzzling world. This pass gets you admission to the festival, a fistful of game tickets, and 3 cups full of food (it’s your choice whether you fill your 3 cups with beer, bacon, or both).

(Yes, you can purchase more beer and bacon at the festival).

Bottomless Bacon ($50 online, $60 phone/door): For the professional piggy that really knows how to shovel it in. This pass gets you admission to the festival, unlimited game playing, and all the beer and bacon you can stuff in your stomach. **Please note, like anywhere else in the world, we expect you drink responsibly. If you’re acting like an asshole, we will ask you to chill out.

Still not enough swine? Go Whole Hog! Literally! For $50 more, you can upgrade from ‘Bottomless Bacon’ and ham it up with some serious style. We’re wheeling in a whole pig roasted to perfection by P’cheen (trust us, those boys know their BBQ), several kegs of delicious high gravity beer, and some exotically flavored bacon that only the ‘Whole Hoggers’ have access to. AND, you even get your own special bacon bib to keep the cracklins off your shirt! SQUEEEEEEEAL! There are a very limited number of these passes available, so snatch them up quick before somebody else gets their greasy little snout on them.


This festival lasts from 1-6pm on Saturday, March 26th at Dad’s Garage Theatre.


GET YOUR TICKETS EARLY. We sold out last year and had no tickets left at the door.

It’s a darn good idea to take MARTA or a taxi cab.

This event is RAIN or SHINE. Sorry, NO REFUNDS or EXCHANGES.

Thanks to our awesome pals at CWPR and The Vortex for riding the bacon train with us!


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