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Introducing LUEWWD: the Leugue of Upper Extremity Women Wrestlers of Durham!

Pabst Blue Ribbon is proud to support:

The League of Upper Extremity Wrestling Women in Durham
It’s time to get LUEWWD!

Another successful LUEWWD event!

LUEWWD raised $3,005.60 for the Dove House, a Housing for New Hope program for homeless women. Check out pictures and read the Results page for details of the event.

LUEWWD hosts female arm wrestling tournaments to raise funds for local non-profits benefiting women and girls. Check out the wrestlers, read the blog, but most importantly come to their next tournament!


February 19th: Bleeding Heart, Broken Parts

Grand Total: $3,005.60

LUEWWD Champion: Phoenix Rising

Madame Moneymaker: Turdley McStinkfinger

Durham Diva: Turdley McStinkfinger

This LUEWWD tournament showcased top notch competitors, witty judges, and the scantily clad Round Boy. We saw several veteran wrestlers return to prove their might. Bama Banger advanced to the final round to face Phoenix Rising who ultimately took home her second championship belt. Zap, the fearless gladiator, did not make it quite as far as she did in LUEWWD II but still had a great couple of bouts. Turdley McStinkfinger reportedly suffered an arm wrestling injury to her giant bicep as she wrestled the mighty Mary Derm. The tree chopping Paula Bunyan was tapped out quickly in the first round but certainly gave it her all. Jesse the Peacemaker defeated her first round opponent and went on to the semi finals only to fall to the football-sized muscles of Phoenix Rising. While the night ultimately belonged to veterans one rookie was creating qui
te a stir. A scary Plishia da Black Panther had everyone a bit on edge with her crossed eyes and deep growls that helped her advance to win Queen of the Loser’s bracket.

What about that muscle-bound LUEWWD boy Steve? He did a fantastic job of holding up the round signs, walking across the stage, and being objectified by most of the people in the crowd. Thanks for taking one for the team Steve! Speaking of objectifying the Round Boy, Wendy, our faithful MC, did a great job on the microphone while May provided the soundtrack for the evening. As always, she somehow finds the right song for every LUEWWD moment (our very own Delilah). Jimmy Bear also returned for LUEWWD III to call the shots at the table. Our cast of judges stole the show with Robert and Kam’s quick-witted one-liners and Sam’s inspirational words.

We would be remiss if we did not give a shout out to PBR for their sponsorship, the Casbah for graciously hosting these LUEWWD events, Poe for his artistic talents, out-of-towners Brad and Coburn for their professional photography skills, and Mr. Shannon (the Mountie’s dad) for building the stage. We’d like to thank Housing for New Hope and the Dove House for providing volunteers, a judge, and a contestant, and for taking a chance on us. We were also very grateful for our volunteers Jennifer, our lovely cashier at the door, and Kristin, the one who talked you all into buying a 50/50 raffle ticket by telling you that you could win a million dollars (while it was a gross exaggeration, it worked). Lastly, we want to thank YOU for coming and spending your hard-earned cash on a great cause! Keep doing it!

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