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Dr.Sketchy’s Raleigh @ Black Flower ” Thursday, 2/24/11

Drink (PBR) and draw this Thursday in downtown Raleigh at The Black Flower!

Never heard of Dr. Sketchy’s? They are the Anti-Art School here in Raleigh. This means they don’t sit around in a classroom painting ugly naked people to classical music, Oh no! These art monkeys get together at some of downtown’s coolest bars, drinking an drawing, drawing and drinking. The models are…well, let’s just say they’re not your average Mona Lisa. Dr. Sketchy models are burlesque bombshells, bearded women, tattooed man-ballerinas and ACROBATS!

The next session will feature Katie and Kaci of AcroEntertainment…the PBR drinking, acrobatic yoga-contortionists extraordinaire! There’s also rumors of a surprise performance by a certain mystery guest….hmmmm. And its Virginia’s birthday so…cake anyone? $8 per person. $6 for existing members who bring a new guest!

Check out photos from the last AcroEntertainment appearance at Dr.Sketchy’s.

Dr. Sketchy’s would like to thank Pabst Blue Ribbon for their continued support within the community.

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