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Photos from the Noise Pop Pop Up Shop

For the past week, we’ve been playing host with some of our favorite mover and shakers at 2011Noise Pop Pop Up Shop, housed at the Fifty24 Gallery (soon to be Fecal Face Dot Gallery, YAY!) in Lower Height. Our friends in merriment included SF Weekly, San Franpsycho, Ears of the Beholder, Workshop, and Johnny Funcheap. Fun was had by all, as you’ll see by some of these photos….

Steady crowds for all of the events…

DJ Design and Richie Cunning of Rec League discussing the finer nuances of Gangster Rap and its relevence to the suburban American psyche while their friend transcribes on his Blackberry at the SF Weekly Pop Up.

San Franpsycho got all Animal House on the walls for their event.

Gettin glitchy at the Ear of The Beholder event. Those are some charismatic drum machines…

Ammunition at the Workshop Pop Up. Why yes… those are BLAST BY COLT45 samples!

Reigning PBR Ball Busters Pinball champ, DK from Workshop and Larry from Gangs of San Francisco feeling the love.

You cheeky monkey, sneaking of with a Blast sample! We found her by the color of her tongue… and this face.


You can catch us doing some kick ass stuff with our friends Fernet Branca at the Noise Pop Happy Hour at Bender’s, Feb 21-25 and at the Noise Pop Culture Club at Public Works on Feb 26 and 27.

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