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Music For Your Ears!

Lets break from all the party promo stuff on the site for just a moment and get some music in our ears yah?!

Below is a mix that was released last summer from the Rocktits! boys. WTF is a Rocktit you ask?! Good question my friend. Read ahead and get learned up.

While many may view Rocktits as just another DJ collective from Philly, those of us that call this incredible place our home know much different. These sons of rock have become pillars in the dance music community for their ability to provide their faithful with amazing nights that stay far away from the status quo in music selection while never losing touch with the fact that – FUN MUST BE HAD. They have been holding residencies down at some of Philly’s finest dance establishments for many a year now with an abundance of rare funk jams, heady Psyche rock, and absolutely delectable soul music.

While Rocktits may supply the undeniable soundtrack for these debaucherous nights, you can be certain that Pabst can always be spotted providing the fuel for their faithful – NO DOUBT!

So, if you ever find yourself in The City of Brotherly Love, do yourself a favor and check out your new favorite DJs at either The Pope every Wednesday night, The Barbary for their Turnaround vs Immediate party OR in the “Anything Goes” Ruby Lounge of Voyeur night club for the legendary Making Time Parties. Oh yeahhhh….

Now go ahead an roll up your sleves, crack open that pounder and turn your speakers up to 11….Cheers!

Turnaround Vs. Immediate Summer 2010 Mix by rocktits!

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