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Foodswings Anniversary Party in Brooklyn! 1/26/11

Join us for the anniversary celebration of Williamsburg’s favorite Vegan fast food joint FOODSWINGS! There will be fun giveaways like PBR salt-n-pepper shakers, Pabst toaster/toast and Pabst toothburshes to get all that tofu out of yr teeth, and of course, plenty of BEER!! The food there is super yummy, I recommend the disco fries, chik’n parmigian or vegan milkshakes. We are happy to support Blue Ribbon community entrepreneurs Melody and Jeff (who also founded our beloved Park Slope metal bar Lucky 13). After the party why not head over to Trash Bar, Maracuja or Clems for more PBR? Just sayin. Also sponsored by PETA… No animals were harmed in the making of this blogpost!

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