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Obsolete Launch Party and Art Show at Tarnish and Gold in NE MPLS, Jan 14


Obsolete Art takes effect with 30-40 used and broken boards that have been passed out to local artists to hand paint or create whatever they want. This will be part of a silent auction so get your dollars ready because we think these are going to be sick!! There will also be some live painting throughout the night and don’t forget about the hot dogs or the Pabst Blue Ribbon.

*We will be unveiling or winter line including:
Guys/Girls Hoodies
Guys/Girls T-Shirts
Graphic Decks

*Contests/Giveaways like: old school skateboarding video games, a live competition with a game of SKATE and a blind raffle with product giveaways!

*An Obsolete skate video!

*Hot Dogs and PBR!

*LIVE MUSIC!!! Here are the bands in the order that they are playing (of course nothing is for sure but we feel pretty good about it!)

The Conglomerate – The demonic spawn of Apex Twin’s second cousin and LTJ Bukem’s anti-universe counterpart after being artificially inseminated with Jerry Garcia’s pheromones. Only it happens live before your eyes.

Lick It Ticket – Hailing from Iowa, this group has taken influences from blues,
classic rock, jam, jazz, progressive rock, funk and electronic music
to create a very unique sound.

Poor Failey – Their music,your face, our boots. Elbows up kids, this is the kind of punk rock your mum always warned you to stay away from.

Trendy Trendy Space Vegans – Intelligent, soft-spoken lyrics over brilliantly choreographed musical compositions from outer space? Or whiskey riddled bum-rock? Let them know after you collect the bits of your face that get rocked off during this performance.!/trendytrendyspacevegans

DJ Machination – Co-founder of Analogic Recordings, master of ill dubs. Goin’ live on the decks with a crate of deep and dirty dubs from some of the premeir artists of the underground filth movement. Free mix download:

Prospect – Up and coming, Minneapolis based hip hop group, featuring two MC’s
with an ambitious outlook to making there mark on the scene.

Kanser – You already know. An integral and well-known part of the hip-hop scene since 1997. If you have any interest in music at all you won’t want to miss these cats; witty lyricism over the potent grooves that characterize Kanser’s style are of the calibre that will impress any musical taste.

Critical Consciousness – The other fraction of Analogic Recordings. Jungle assault on da massive! Get your whistles and lightahs’ up: Junglist Critical Consciousness on the 1s and 2s rinsin classics to next dubs.

We are so stoked about this whole thing and will be so happy to see you all there!!


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