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Rash Dinkle & PBR Tailgate party for Monday Night Football, Saints Vs Falcons. Watch the Video!!


Yes it’s true….

Rash Dinkle has joined forces with Pabst Blue Ribbon beer (our official sponsor)
to bring you the Tailgate Party for all ages (21&up only) on Monday December 27th
at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.
The game? Not a huge deal. Just the FALCONS/SAINTS matchup to determine
homefield advantage in the playoffs. Hahahaha.
Join Rash and 790 the Fan along with Fox Bros BBQ and Esperanza in the Yellow
Lot at 1pm. These guys are giving away beer and BBQ. Not to mention they’ll be giving
away Hawks tix as well as Thrashers tickets. It’s like they’re giving away the whole
goshdarn store. Hahahaha.
Enjoy the video kids and let’s all thanks the Lord Almighty that your hero
Rash Dinkle is back in the game.
Or not…..assholes.

Pabst Blue Ribbons say go visit Rash, for all your sports updates.


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