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The unofficial PBR Ultimate Team (Polar Bears…Rawr!) wins the 2010 National Championship!

You probably have no idea what Ultimate is. Let me break it down. There is a sport called Ultimate Frisbee. Its nothing like frisbee golf and there are no dogs involved…except those cheering on the sidelines. Ultimate is a lot like soccer and basketball, in terms of strategy, but you play with a frisbee (“disc”). To learn more about this glorious sport, read this.

Ultimate started as a college sport back in the 60’s or 70’s. So there is currently a huge college division, along with “club” teams which is anyone who plays on a competitive level.

Random fact: frisbee players drink A LOT. They like to drink beer. In fact there is a drinking game known as the “boat race” where you drink beer out of a frisbee as a team relay. Caution: this will get you a little drunk.

“How many beers will fit in a frisbee?” Good question. According to this blog, about 2.5!

Let’s talk about the the Polar Bears. After a little google stalking, I found out they are a mixed club team (meaning they have both men and women on their team) from the northwest US, somewhere in California. There proper name is “Polar Bears…Rawr!” They wear polar bear hats, have bear paw print tattoos on their calves and apparently are very hungry. I think they must be hungry for some Pabst Blue Ribbon since they wear the logo on their shorts.

Polar Bears…Rawr! = PBR (How very clever!) Really we sue the pants of them for stealing our logo (actually we would have to sue the high performance wicking shorts off them but that’s another story entirely), but seeing as how they won the national championship we’ll let it slide.

Congrats Polar Bears! If everyone drank Pabst we would all be champions.

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