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FLORIDA GET FLORIDA GET READY FOR BASEL CASTLE Dec. 4th 9 pm – 5 am!! in Miami, @ the Overthrow Castle (41 NW 20th Street), Find details below.

You are invited to a spectacle of bazaar proportions as PBR, OVERTHROW & ABV GALLERY open our gates for the first ever BASEL CASTLE!
Taking place in one of the most unique and unlikely venues in Miami, the Overthrow Castle (41 NW 20th Street)

Basel Castle is a medieval manor smack in the middle of the Wynwood art and gallery district. Within it’s gates, a carnival-like atmosphere celebrating not just fine art but music and culture at large in an event that combines gallery space, custom installations, live music performances, and a raucous party!

What wonders lie within these walls...


+ visual | TOTT Carnivale
San Franciso based art company, TOTT GLOBAL, works with the world’s top contemporary artists to reimagine classic games and novelties like dice, dominoes, jigsaw puzzles, and playing cards. For Basel Castle, TOTT will be designing exclusive carnival style games along with featured artists signing, TOTT prizes to the carnival game winners, TOTT limited edition t-shirts, live installations, and more!
Featuring work from the the following artists:
• Mike Giant –
• Claw Money –
• Ron English –
• Tara Mcpherson –
• Mark Bode –
• Greg Mike –

+ music | Overthrow Music Authority
Overthrow has curated a variety of groundbreaking live performances, and late night, the party will climax with top tiered electronic producers/djs implementing live audio/video installations.
Theophilus London –

Amanda Blank w/ Sweatheart –

• (TKO) Damaged Goods & Troy Kurtz
• and other special guests!

+ exhibition | Overseas & Undertones
ABV Gallery presents a collection of 13 revered translatlantic artists:
• Dan Baldwin
• AC Bananas
• Fefe Talavera
• HuskMitNavn
• Jaybo Monk
• L’Atlas
• Maria Imaginário
• Microbo
• Mr. Jago
• Mudwig
• Remed
• Sickboy
• Zosen

For complimentary admission before 9 pm RSVP here:


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