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12.4.10 :: The 6th Annual Rock Potluck @ Skully’s :: Columbus, OH

Getting very excited for this most awesome event on Saturday: The 6th Annual Rock Potluck!

40 musicians from 40 bands form 8 new bands for 1 night only! They get together on the day of the event to fashion a band name, write two original songs and learn one cover. Then, we all meet up at Skully’s that night to hear what everyone created.

And it is an actual potluck, so show up before 9:30PM with a hot dish or cool sweet treat to share and GET IN FREE! After that it is $5. Music starts promptly at 10PM!

More details, RSVP and invite friends here:!/event.php?eid=143813675669300



  1. Rock Potluck
    Posted December 3, 2010 at 7:45 pm | Permalink

    Band #1 10PM
    Vug Arakas (Vug)
    David Ellinwood (Same Same)
    Bil Jankowski (Church of the Red Museum)
    Max Lewis (New City Gypsy)
    Jason Quicksall

    Band #2 10:30PM
    Curtis Cole
    Jamarr Mays (Monolithic Cloud Parade)
    Bill Patterson (The Wet Darlings)
    Claire Pollard (The Compressions)
    Dan Ross (Day Creeper)

    Band #3 11PM
    Derek DiCenzo
    Jake Housh (Moviola)
    Benjamin Lamb (Lydia Loveless)
    Zac Little (Saintseneca)
    Molly Winters (The Salty Caramels)

    Band #4 11:30PM
    Sam Corlett
    Christen Garms (Swimsuit Edition)
    Sven Kahns (Deerhead)
    Jeffrey Kleinman (EX-WHITES)
    John Liberatore (The Fidgets)

    Band #5 12AM
    Sam Brown (You’re So Bossy)
    Will Foster (Guinea Worms)
    Bobby Miller (Super Desserts)
    Ryan Stolte-Sawa (Flotation Walls)
    Dane Terry (Swarming Branch)

    Band #6 12:30AM
    Sam Craighead (Feature Films)
    Jimmy Lavery (The Lindsay)
    Dan Spurgeon (Bush League All-Stars)
    John Umland (Tin Armor)
    Anna Wuerth (Silencio)

    Band #7 1AM
    Erik Kang (Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s)
    Ian Kaplan (St. Moses The Black)
    Mickey Mocnik (New Creases)
    Emily Ng (Audrey and Orwell)
    Nick Perry (Fey Gods)

    Band #8 1:30AM
    Kyle Cardwell (hurt people, hurt people)
    Reba Conqueso (The Jellyhearts)
    Crow (Mors Ontologica)
    Yoni Mizrachi (Maza Blaska)
    Tristan Seufert (Shin Tower Music)

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