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Celebrate Isaac Hunter’s 1 Year Anniversary with PBR!

Isaac Hunter’s Oak City Tavern quickly became one of Raleigh’s most cherished watering holes. This place is run by locals, for locals…and it shows! Everywhere you look you can find inspiring works by local artists, even the bathroom stalls are pimped out by Raleigh’s very own celebrity screen printer, Ahpeele. Challenge friends to a game of wii, shuffleboard, darts, Foosball, or corn hole. You might find a bunch of bikes stacked outside, don’t worry, its just a few regulars doing their part to offset carbon emissions.

PBR and Isaac Hunter’s have long history together, considering the short time the bar has been open. It’s a little known fact that Pabst Blue Ribbon was the first beer to be served at the Oak City Tavern. Really! Ask one of the owners, Zack or Ben (or other Ben). Before opening their doors to the public, Isaac Hunter’s hosted the 2nd annual Raleigh Wars Assassins Ball–inviting Raleigh’s most ruthless residents to sip on PBR and witness a creative killing spree. (For those of you who don’t know: Raleigh Wars is a water weapon assassin tournament among Raleigh residents. After weeks of metaphorical murder and mayhem, the game ends with an epic party and lots of PBR drinking).

Celebrate with us this Thursday! For just $6 at the tavern door, Isaac Hunter’s is giving you all the PBR you can drink, plus a complimentary pint glass. As if that could get any better, they are going to be giving away tons of great PBR prizes too!

Happy Birthday to our good friends at Isaac Hunter’s Oak City Tavern!

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