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Blue Ribbon Community- The Culture of Me

My name is Jeff Meltz and I’m a 29-year old writer/photographer/blogger in New York City. I’ve been blogging and taking photographs at shows, parties, circuses, bodegas, secret spaces, raves, caves, hangouts, parking lots, graveyards, etc. but mostly at parties and shows and putting them on my Web site, THE CULTURE OF ME ( and tweeting about them ad nauseum (@thecultureofme) since 2006. I’ve been taking pictures and listening to music for longer than that, obviously, but using the Web site as an outlet since then. I don’t make a ton of money aside from maybe covering rent every month doing it but back in 2006 I just wanted to talk about music and talk pictures at rock shows, so that’s what I did. I talk in the “royal we” on the site and the Twitter account because I like the idea that as a whole, most everything is a shared experience. So that’s what I want. You can follow me and hunt me down using foursquar
e and Twitter all over New York City every day and I get out every so often to other places, but I love Gotham too much to leave it too far behind. All of this is much more fun than I thought it would be, but separating fun and business isn’t exactly my idea of fun, so I try and just shoot photos, talk with or about artists and just try to get by. I’d love for it to be easier to make money AND get exposure, but a lot of the time, it’s one or the other. But as long as it stays mostly fun, I’ll keep doing it.

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