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Blue Ribbon Community Brooklyn- BKNY

About Jose Andrade
Williamsburg, Brooklyn New York has become a home for many in the creative industry and a key incubator for the arts community. As an original resident of Williamsburg, Jose’s success stems from being first on the scene. Having printed T-shirts for the likes of De La Soul, Bobbito and Stretch Armstrong, and the Beatnuts from his uncle’s basement, to tapping into the Latino market before it was “Urban”, he has always remained a step ahead while pushing the boundaries of the industry. With a background in graphic arts and sales, as well as a profound love for T-shirts, the natural progression to silk screening and production just fell right into place.

With the eruption of brands in the 90’s that was coupled with Hip-Hop and Electronic music, there became a whole new genre’ of Street Wear. As always being ahead of the game, Jose Andrade was there, and so was BKNY Printing.

out BKNY Printing
Since its inception 15 years ago from the depths of a small basement to the 3000 (est.) sq. feet facility it now occupies, BKNY Printing has been at the fore front of the silk screen industry. BKNY has been fortunate to have had great experiences by being part of the launching process of successful clothing lines such as Roc-A-Wear, Fubu, and Willie Esco. In addition, BKNY was the first to print T-shirts for many top recording artists as Jay-Z, Eminem, 50 Cent, and Busta Rhymes to name a few.

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