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Girls Rock Camp Boston is about to put the FUN in Fundraising! Join us for a Wicked Pissah night of Dancing! Raffles! Contests! and Trash Talking!

Clear your calendar! Settle the score for an amazing cause!

Featuring DJ’s:
…Mark E. Moon, Pink Sweatshirt and Linear B. vs. Just Joan and Evaredy

The city that raises the most money will be named the champion! Dance style rewards will be given out by our volunteer judges!
There may even be a trophy involved!!

Girls Rock Camp Boston is…
A summer camp teaching girls aged 8-16- to learn an instrument, (guitar, bass, drums, vocals and keyboards), write an original song, and perform it at a rock venue- in just one week. As well as band formations, band coaching, and band practice- we also include workshops that provide leadership opportunities and the development of life skills that will continue on through generations of girls and young women throughout their lives. We also hope to cultivate a supportive association of peers and mentors through our volunteers and internships that will help motivate social change in our community.


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