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Shred Coed
Be sure to join us for our AUTUMN ACTION fund raiser! There will be a silent auction, food, drink specials, and entertainment on November 11th at the St. Anthony Main Event Centre.

Shred Coed is built on the strong beliefs of simplicity. Like with everything in our lives, by taking small and simple steps first, we can more easily learn to move towards bigger accomplishments.

Our Mission
To promote healthy attitudes and activities for our bodies, minds, and the Earth.

Our Focus
Skateboard demos and events are an amazing way of introducing healthy exercise with great entertainment, and at the same time, we can inspire actions that will grow with our youth into responsible adults. We use skateboarding, custom themes and unique ramps to draw interest, and promote our easy message.

Environmental Awareness
Shred coed is committed to reducing our harmful human impact on the planet Earth by encouraging environmental change through special events, eco solutions and products.

Safety and Healthy Exercise
Skateboarding is a safe, affordable, fun, and easy exercise! SHRED COED will demonstrate how to skate safely as a main focus. This can be an activity for any age or skill, and when combined with smart eating it can play a strong role in changing the serious problems we all face in this country with health care. The positive benefits that come from a FUN exercise combined with healthy foods are key to helping drive the trends of our youths choices towards more healthy lifestyles.


Shred coed is proud to be highlighting how easy it is for both males and females to shred together. Because skateboarding is mainly about balance, control, and patience, and less about size or strength, it provides more of an equal playing field for everyone. We feel that this is a big part of why skating popularity has doubled amongst women participants over the last decade, and we will continue to promote an equal coed involvement with all our actions.


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