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Blue Ribbon Community “Atlanta” presents: Andrea’s CHOCOLATE F/X

Blue Ribbon Community “Atlanta” presents: CHOCOLATE F/X

Chocolate F/X was established in 2009 when Andrea  started using her knowledge and education from a Special Effects background to use in Chocolate and Confections!

She has always had a passion for creating creatures and special make up effects, and after a long hard look at the industry, decided to utilize this in conjunction with another passion she had, CHOCOLATE! With this combination,  she can be creative not only in imagery, but in flavor as well.

Chocolate F/X not only has Chocolates and Confections that taste delicious, but are designed for you or that special someone with a Fun, Rock and Roll attitude! Andrea’s know you will enjoy eating them as much as she have enjoyed creating them!!!

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Andrea has been pretty fascinated by the chocolate world for some time now. There was this little chocolate
shop where she used to live in Pittsburgh that she would go into all the time and purchase chocolate shot
glasses for the place she used to work at. She loved going in there and checking out all of the shapes and fun
confections they had. I was attending the Art Institute there for special effect make-up at the time.

After she moved to Atlanta, she started apprenticing with a special effects company here in Marietta where she
got a better understanding of mold making and was able to be extremely creative. After realizing that she
could not really live on a couple of jobs a year, the idea came to me to learn to use chocolate and make
candy. Then one day it hit her! What if she made chocolate monsters! After that, the ideas just kept rolling.
Andrea figured that she could take all of the elements/ genre’s that she loved (tattoos, monsters/ horror, special
effects), and make the images into delicious confections.

Andrea uses a premium Belgian chocolate (in milk, white, and extra dark). She make my own centers: flavored
ganache (a creamy center inside the truffles and molded items), soft smooth caramel, toffee, nougat
(like Snickers Bar). Andrea has fun with my ingredients like using bacon, habanero, lemon zest, bacon grease
(yum!), whiskey, chai tea, smoked salt and tons of other spices and flavors (of course not all together,
she pair flavors together that complement each other). Everything is hand made from scratch and hand
dipped! She also do special requests!

You can find her business online at (currently being worked on). Anyone can email
her through the site and I will discuss and send pictures. You can also purchase her molded chocolates,
and toffee at Schakolad Chocolate Factory in Sandy Springs at 1100 Hammond Dr., where she work as head
of production. It is a quaint retail spot where you can come in and purchase anything from a few pieces
just for yourself or crazy molded items and gift baskets for friends, family, businesses and co-workers.

New products and delicious treats are coming soon to Chocolate F/X along with online ordering!

In the meantime take a look at our Product List and contact to place your order.


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  1. Amanda B
    Posted October 7, 2010 at 11:11 am | Permalink

    Chocolate F/X goes so well with PBR!

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