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Rocktoberfest 2 : We Live for this at Grumpy’s NE, OCT. 2nd. $10

For Immediate Release:

Rocktoberfest 2 : We Live For This
October 9th Doors at Noon $10 Entry Fee

Grumpys NE Al Fresco (in the back)
2200 4th St NE Minneapolis, MN 55418
(612) 789-7429

Grumpys NE, Pabst Blue Ribbon and Surly Beer are despoiling the oncoming cold fronts and flipping the bird at snowflakes with one final outdoor show of loud, rage-filled, animalistic instrument banging in the back of Grumpy’s NE.

Rocktoberfest 2 is upon us.

Eight bands, Eight brutal band names. Chibalo, Wolvhammer, Rockford Mules, Tonnage, Rat Catcher, Total Fucking Blood, Kentucky Beltfight and Disasteratti.

Smolderingly irresistible Demon Dogs will be available to sate your urge to devour the entrails of beasts along with its lovable scamp sidekick, taco bag.

$2 PBR Tallboys from Noon to til the music starts.

The first 100 people to cross the threshold into the netheryard of the Grump will thereupon be awarded a commemorative Rocktoberfest T-shirt while sizes last.

Rocktoberfest reminds you to Keep it Brutal


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