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Pabst presents: “The 10th Annual Little 5 Points Halloween Festival and Parade” Oct 15-16 2010 in Atlanta Ga.


Known for its diverse and eclectic offerings, L5P is a destination for locals and visitors who seek out counter-culture whether it’s for people watching, shopping, dining, or enjoying the arts.
The Little 5 Points Halloween Festival & Parade is the signature Halloween festival in the southeast and one of the top ten Halloween events in the country. Each October, over 35,000 people flock to Little 5 Points to enjoy great food and …drink, live entertainment and the best Halloween parade in the South!

October 15th and 16th -come for 3 stages of Free Shows at the L5P Halloween Festival and of course the Best Parade this side of the Mason Dixon. We are excited to welcome Unknown Hinson as our Grand Marshall and Festival Art by R. Land!!
PBR is bringing the booze, here’s who’s bringing the music:

Your emcees for Friday night Findley, the lovely ladies of Minette Magnifique:

5:00 Cinetrope
6:00 the Gazelles
7:00 Blue Eyed Goodbyes
8:00 Walk From The Gallows
9:00 the Pinx
10:00 Prentice Suspension Group

Your emcees for Saturday Findley, Silver Scream Spookshow:

12:00 Shathouse Rats
1:00 L5P Rockstar Orchestra
2:00 Stovall
3:00 the F’n Heartbreaks
5:30 Uncle Daddy and the Kissing Cousins
7:00 Grinder Nova
8:00 Young Antiques
9:00 AM Gold
10:00 Performances by the Hot Toddies Flaming Cabaret and Blast Off Burlesque.

Star Bar Outdoor Stage:

2:00 Abby GoGo
3:00 Blair Crimmins & the Hookers
5:15 All Night Drug Prowling Wolves
6:15 The Booze
7:15 The Biters
8:15 The Evils
9:15 The one and only JAYNE COUNTY and the Electric Queers!!!

L5P Music Center Stage:

12:00 Amy and Me
1:00 Steven Kilgore
2:00 Sundrop Synthesis
3:00 Community Music Centers of Atlanta Monsters of Jazz, including the Watermelon Men
4:00 Parade
5:30 Greg Thompson Jazz Trio
7:00 Roots and Old Time Music Jam, featuring Leah Calvert and friends
8:00 Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel : Frank Schultz and Scott Burland
9:00 The Fourth Ward Afro-Klezmer Orchestra
10:00 Boo Bash, featuring Community Music Centers of Atlanta Punk, Rock & Friends

Unknown Hinson plays the Variety Playhouse at 8pm

Don’t forget the parade starts at 4pm!!!

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  1. Posted September 29, 2010 at 10:44 pm | Permalink

    Please do something cool in New Orleans. We drink the shit out of PBR too.

  2. Jerry Nosker
    Posted October 4, 2010 at 3:46 pm | Permalink

    I was about 12 playing in the backyard in Michigan, had a picnic going with Aunts,Uncles,cousins,Hot Aug. day I ran up to my dad to ask for a Pop and he said want a sip of beer?(never ever would my dad say that never)I had 1 sip, happened to be a Pabst Blue Ribbon, in a Long neck bottle the flavor was distinguished, and the smellhac an aromma about it. Well I was a sportsman fooltball all of that,people called me a health nut never drank now I’m in my 60’s and I went to the store and felt like a beer so I picked up PBR long necks and man all the memories of my dad and Michigan I live in Nev. for 40 years it all came back the flavor verything Thanks for the Memories Pbr

  3. Mike
    Posted October 9, 2010 at 6:44 pm | Permalink

    Drinking a PBR right now! How about you guy come do something cool here in Kansas City!!

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  1. […] of all I have to share some video taken outside Stratosphere after the Little Five Points 10th Annual Halloween Parade.  Thank you, Thomas, Clarence and all the good folks who ensured one of the best  impromptu […]

  2. […] of all I have to share some video taken outside Stratosphere after the Little Five Points 10th Annual Halloween Parade.  Thank you to Thomas, Clarence and all the good folks who provided some of the best  impromptu […]

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