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The Pabst Blue Ribbon Cupcake – Los Angeles

Cooking with Beer has been around forever. I am sure baking with beer has too but a Pabst Blue Ribbon Cupcake? Crazy right? Well my good friend “The Scootabaker” brought me a dozen of these bad boys last week. These are some pretty amazing cupcakes. I don’t claim to know anything when it comes to cupcakes but I know what I like and I love these things. She even made the frosting out of Whiskey, a tribute to infamous PBR and a Whiskey shot special that we are all fond of at our local watering holes.

I have included a couple pics and here is a link to her site which has a few more pics and goes into more detail about the process. If you are in LA, hit her up and order some of these bad boys…. PBR never tasted so sweet.

The Scootabaker Blog

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