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SONIC ORPHANS lost music films on 16 mm of BILL DANIEL director of “BOZO TEXINO” @WonderRoot this MONDAY 9-13 in ATL.

Bill Daniels and me hanging out in town a few months back. Yes he is this cool.

GO TO WonderRoot this MONDAY NIGHT!! Hang out with him!! It is worth it.

SONIC ORPHANS lost music films 1965-87

Presented by Bill Daniel on 16mm

plus live performance by Aerogarden

Monday Sept. 13

Wonder Root

982 Memorial Drive, Atlanta, GA 30316

Doors at 8, films at 8:30


Film Tramp Bill Daniel is back in the van on tour with a new program of recently unearthed16mm footage. Most of this footage is truly orphaned film— abandoned, lost, found, and now presented raw without editing, and none of it has seen the light of youtube.

SONIC ORPHANS is a collection of lost and found film clips— a weird mix of oddities… from raw news footage of the Beatles arriving in San Francisco in 1965, silent rushes from a 1977 student film starring the Avengers, a 1980 student film featuring early Austin punks Boy Problems and the Huns, plus surprise appearances by Sonic Youth, Butthole Surfers, and Johnny Cash…

This is night is not to be missed!! YOU can only see these films live at WonderRoot on Monday.


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