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BoxWars 2010, Delores Park

(photo via Uptown Almanac)

This is more awesome than a unicorn shooting down a comet made from cotton candy with lasers from it’s horn… while tap dancing.  Seriously, though, nothing beats an afternoon at PBR ground zero, Delores Park, watching men-children beat about each other dressed as cardboard robots. Passed some vids around the office and it was unanimous: Serious Pony Tail guy vanquished all foes with mighty swings from his sword, which was forged in the hell waters of the river Styx. Two awesome takes from a couple of kids over at vimeo:

BOXWARS 2010 Dolores Park from Andrew Callaway on Vimeo.

Box Wars III – San Francisco (August 2010) from Nilanjan Nag on Vimeo. (this one’s my personal fave)


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