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Wish x Mishka x No Brakes Event Recap from RACE in ATL.

Wish x Mishka x No Brakes Event Recap

Documented by, thealex

Well, we’ve had a busy past week up here at the shop.  Two weekends ago was the No Brakes and Mishka Bike Race event.  The Monday after Married to the MOB stopped by and threw a dope Pop-Up shop.  And then, needless to say, the Final Warehouse Sale this past weekend was just crazy.  We’ll be posting up pics from the last couple events through the day.

First up is the Mishka x Wish x No Brakes event pics.  The Bike race, which was sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon and a slew of other bicycle gear companies, was amazing.  It kicked off at No Brakes and took contestants through various stops throughout the city.  The goal was to complete all the objectives (such as chugging a PBR) at each stop and make it to the end as soon as possible.  PBRMargaritas were served at the Wish stop and the guys had a chance to kick it with the whole Wish staff and chop it up for a few minutes before hitting the road again.  In order to win the race, contestants had to choose from a select handful of designs and get it tattoed on them from either Ink & Dagger or Memorial Tattoo.  That’s intense.  Follow the jump for all the pics. 

Free Food and beer?  Of course.

It was good to see a diverse crowd among the contestants.  We saw a mesh of No Brakes customers as well as some Wish homeys.

I think it stayed on his helmet the whole race…

Those shoes look familiar

As the people started to arrive at Wish a good crowd started developing throughout the night at Wish.

This was by far one of the best things we saw throughout the night.  No, it was not open…


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  1. pbrchicago
    Posted August 5, 2010 at 8:36 am | Permalink

    I want a new camera. These pictures are great.

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