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Sexy Circus Carwash – Raleigh NC

The unofficial “PBR Girls” show us how to make the most out of water weaponry: tiny, wet t-shirts. Look out for these ladies as they have a tendency to open fire on not-so-innocent bystanders.

Thanks to Pabst Blue Ribbon for providing white t-shirts and plenty of water at the circusSPARK Sizzlin’ Car Wash.

This event was held in downtown Raleigh as an effort to raise money for circusSPARK a component of the grassroots, open source arts festival known as SPARKcon.  SPARKcon is a partner of the Visual Art Exchange, 501(c)3.

In case you didn’t know, the NC Triangle (unofficially Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) is quickly becoming the southern Mecca for circus talent and fire spinners.  Check out circusSPARK and The Fire Triangle for more info.

Here are some sizzlin’ photos.


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