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Lightning Bolt (band) Live @Eyedrum on July 4th 2010 video by Bean.

Lightning Bolt are an experience best taken in live. I humbly try to show the power and energy of the Live show at Eyedrum Art and Music Gallery on July 4th 2010.

This is the most viewed video I have ever uploaded. Its quite amazing snapshot of the power of noise magic that is Lightning Bolt!

check out the offical website the photos below are from the website, check it out.

Lightning Bolt (Load) (1997, re-released in 1999 with Zone)
Zone 50-minute companion cassette (Load) (1997)
Ride the Skies (Load) (2001)
Wonderful Rainbow (Load) (2003)
Hypermagic Mountain (Load) (2005)
Earthly Delights (Load) (2009)
The Power of Salad DVD (2003)


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