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Pabst Blue RIbbon presents: NO BRAKES, 3-YEAR ANNIVERSARY BIKE RACE 7/24/10!! ATLANTA GA!!


Ok so a few changes for the race here. We’ve teamed up with WISH and MISHKA for the “ATL Get Pitted” line. The shirt and hat will be released the day of the race and will be available at both Wish and No Brakes. Registration will be $35 with the shirt or hat, $10 without. The race will consist of our usual antics. Bring a lock, pen, bag, and some $$$. Prizes/street cred to winners, and a good time to all. We’re still having the cookout, so come hang out. Customer appreciation sales will be going on all day.

“Wish has teamed up with Mishka NYC and Atlanta-based “No Brakes” bike shop to launch a custom fixed gear bike as well as a limited run t-shirt and hat.  The project centers around the slogan “ATL Get Pitted”, that gives nod to the Peach State and the iconic imagery that has chracterized the local fixed gear scene in the South.  Wish worked with Mishka NYC on a limited run of t-shirts and hats to compliment the custom fixed gear bike that will be releasing through No Brakes and Wish.

The release, which is slated for June 24th, will be capped off with a fixed gear race that is hosted by Pabst Blue Ribbon and run through various destinations of the city.

A series of videos and product shots will be released over the course of the next week giving you a better look into the project.  Stay Tuned!


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