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I feel a bit more connected to these guys than to a lot of bands, I booked their first show in 2003, now I am the PBR rep in the city, I am good friends with all the members. They slay!! Summoned by the mighty sludge of The Melvins, the mysticism of Celtic Frost and the nihilistic blues of EyeHateGod, ZOROASTER formed in Atlanta, GA in 2003 out of the need for “sedation by high volumes and low frequencies”. In 2005, the band released their first recorded music, which quickly drew the attention of uber-kvlt underground label Battle Kommand Records, which released the tracks as the band’s eponymous debut EP soon after. ZOROASTER features a live show that has been described as “an obliteration of the senses”, earning the three piece the title of “Atlanta’s loudest band”. The trio has toured relentlessly across the U.S., sharing the stage with a diverse array of artists including Big Business, Nachtmystium, High on Fire, Oxbow, Saviours and Bastard Noise. “Dog Magic” pushes ZOROASTER’s deafening sound to powerful new highs and spectral, heavy lows. The addition of left-of-center instrumentation (including Moog synths, theremins, ominous vocal choirs and a brass section to boot) allows “Dog Magic” to simultaneously crush, swing and spook, seducing primal urges while inducing dark dreams of a David Lynch-ian world. Creating devastating, dirge-ridden doom that erupts into bludgeoning grooves and transcendental musical atmospheres, ZOROASTER’s sound has been compared to “having 10,000 ton granite slabs dropped on your head from a height of several miles”. When asked to comment on “Dog Magic”, ZOROASTER guitarist / vocalist Will Fiore states, “The new album incorporates many more elements into the ZOROASTER sound. Being on the road as much as we have over the course of the last few years has helped us continue to evolve as a band and our ideas and sound have been fully realized. Prepare”. In addition to Fiore, ZOROASTER features bassist / vocalist Brent Anderson and drummer / percussionist Dan Scanlan.

I seen over 30+ shows in the last 7 years, I hope to see many many more!!

This truly an amazing event, and I can not wait. I can’t believe I booked the first show all those years ago, at OLD Lenny’s aka Dotties.

ps. I also booked All the Saints (different name that I will not repeat) first show. . .but sadly not Wizard Smoke (I think). Either way these bands all rule!! Go to this show, and enjoy a cold PBR!!




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