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Fire Spinning @ White Collar Crime

The Fire Triangle partnered with AcroEntertainment to host the 3rd circusSPARK fund raiser at White Collar Crime in downtown Raleigh.  On June 10, 2010, over 300 people attended this crazy dance party, turned fire spinning showcase.

This is probably the largest open fire jam to happen in the city and PBR is proud to have sponsored this event.  To top it all off, circusSPARK raised about $600 which will help fund their open source, grass roots event in September!

For the record, The Fire Triangle seeks to accomplish the following, with ambition and commitment:

  • make the local area and culture more vibrant, fun and beautiful
  • raise awareness for existing burner events
  • provide a medium that facilitates the development of large events
  • create a medium for local burners to meet each other and network
  • help provide resources to local burners to help ensure the safety of our practices

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