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2nd Annual Grease, Gears & Grooves…This Saturday July 3rd St. Louis, MO.


PBR, Full Throttle Midwest and Iron Age Tattoo are back again for another installment of the very successful custom car and bike show Grease, Gears and Grooves. This year we are taking over The Grove on Manchester at Atomic Cowboy for a day long party. This year will include more cars, more bikes, trophies for the winners, bands and a pin up contest on the PBR music stage. The vendor village this year sports some of the best builders in the midwest plus some great apparel companies as well, here is a small rundown of the Vendor Village:

  • Full Throttle Midwest Magazine
  • Iron Age Tattoo St. Louis
  • Stripped Down Cycles
  • Billy the Kid Customs
  • Rich Phillips Cycles
  • Black Sunshine Customs
  • Liquid Illusions
  • Gateway BMW Motorcycles
  • Street Bikes Plus
  • Sprengel’s Innovative Kustoms
  • C & S Cycles
  • Plus many more!!!

For more info check out these links:

Get out and get your groove on this Saturday!!!!



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