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Dodekapus and Living Walls get their carnival on in support of street art this Friday, July 2nd in Atlanta GA.

Posted by Jessica Blankenship on Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 3:07 PM

in the CREATIVE LOAFING, check it!!

Another week, another Living Walls, the City Speaks fundraiser event! Here’s the sitch: putting on any big event takes a lot of money – and getting money is tough (I know, I’ve just blown your mind with my insight.) Being a bunch of self-financed artists trying to pull off an ambitious conference/gallery exhibition is tougher. When you factor in flying in and hosting over a dozen artists and volunteers, it’s damn near impossible – without a little help from your friends.

With the international brigade of street artists set to descend upon Atlanta in just 6 weeks, creative collective Dodekapus has rallied their efforts to throw a carnival fundraiser in support of Living Walls, this Friday, July 2 at The Big House.

For those of you haven’t been paying attention to a damn word I’ve said the past few months, Living Walls, the City Speaks is a conference on street art and urbanism taking place August 13-15. Organizers Monica Campana and Blacki Migliozzi are amassing a small army of local and international street artists to put up murals across the city. The conference will include a gallery exhibition at Eyedrum, and a lecture series on urban planning in conjunction with the Georgia Tech Architecture Department.

Last weekend, MINT Gallery hosted an art auction (at their perch on the BeltLine, where several Art on the BeltLine events were happening nearby – it was a hot little art throwdown in the recesses of Old Fourth Ward) for Living Walls, which included donated work from over 20 local artists. And following the oft-successful sales approach of mixing strong libations with a competitive environment, a lot of work was bid on and sold.

But Living Walls needs more help. You get your ass dumped-and-un-friended-on-Facebook for being this needy in relationships, but when you’re a badass art event that everyone is excited about, you get parties thrown for you.

Friday’s carnival-themed event will feature music from Atlanta Sedition Orchestra, the Back Pockets, Buffalo Bangers, Carnivores, Muleskinner Macqueen and more. And a carnival isn’t a damn carnival without all the requisite sweet kiddie kitsch like kissing and tarot booths. Naturally, food, booze, art, a bike race, a giant yard sale (goddamn, Dodekapus, why you always gotta have so many different things happening at once? It’s exhausting to list) – basically, there’s going to be a lot of cool shit.

All proceeds from the night go straight to Living Walls, which also has a Kickstarter account (a rather anemic one, at that – if you want to donate to the event, head over there.)
Dodekapus Presents: Carnival Fundraiser for Living Walls. Friday, July 2. Bike race / yard sale start at 5 p.m. The Big House. 368 Ponce de Leon Avenue.

Pabst Blue Ribbon Atlanta is proud to support Street Art!!

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